HISTORY of Unbridled Development Group

Unbridled Development Group was formed May 2010 by Cain and Roberta Quam, Quam Performance Horses, Judy Wright, Gateways Counselling, and David Beriault, Head of Student Services at O'Neill High School.

Interest in horses became the factor that brought them together. Horse activities facilitated them in becoming acquainted and they became aware of a deeper purpose that their connection could serve. As they developed programs they realized that each of their individual skills, strengths, educational training, life experiences, and expertise complimented each other.

The blending of the groups' skill sets and personalities created equine assisted learning opportunities through which others could achieve personal growth. The end result was specialized equine assisted programming. This programing produces the opportunity to gain results in a safe and effective manner. Thus, Unbridled Development Group was formed, with its own brand of equine assisted learning.

Our Vision

• Foster personal and/or professional growth and developmentin a safe, welcoming environment.

• Introduce horses to people in a fun, educational manner.

• Support the facilitators in on-going training and learning to continue to provide quality service.

• Offer flexible programming to meet diverse client needs.

Company Philosophy

Unbridled Development Group is highly committed to ensuring that
its owners and staff are committed to their own personal
growth and development.

Commitment to personal growth and personal responsibility
creates a foundational base through which the owners of
Unbridled Development Group can offer ethical, respectful and effective service to its customers.

The company is committed to providing high quality products
and services that are founded on the experiential and educational expertise of its owners.

We value our customers and therefore are committed to offer high quality customer service and satisfaction.

Unbridled Development Group strives to ensure its products and services lead the way in its industry.

Mission Statement

"To provide unique equine assisted learning opportunities to individuals and corporations throughout Canada. These opportunities foster personal and professional development".

Who We Are

Cain & Roberta Quam

Quam Performance