Currently Unbridled Development Corporation offers one workshop,
Unbridled-Set Yourself Free.

Self development is the focus of this workshop.
As of the end of 2013 Unbridled Development Corporation has offered 25 of these workshops.

Unbridled Development Corporation can also design specialty workshops for organizations in the areas of
communication, leadership, and teambuilding.

Unbridled-Set Yourself Free

This workshop is designed to assist you in self-development. Participants are encouraged to focus on developing authenticity, congruency, boundaries, focus, verbal and non- verbal communication, creating effective relationships, and connecting to self and the world around you. Feel the magic of being connected to the horse in a safe and supportive environment. Participants are guided through special equine ground training exercises developed by Cain Quam. There is no riding involved.

The weekend starts by having participants setting personal goals for the weekend. Then lessons about the horse and how to start working with the horse follows. The excitement heightens with a specialized exercise where you meet the horses. In that exercise a horse will pick you and become part of your herd for the weekend. The rest of the weekend is filled with laughter, learning, fun, and new partnerships. The weekend ends with lessons learned, new friends made, and pictures with your horse partner. The workshop incorporates yoga, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), goal setting, personal coaching, timeline therapy, and currently researched psychology interventions. A unique focus is the one-on-one time with horses. The horses will lead you to a deeper inner awareness.

Cain Quam teaches many horsemanship clinics throughout the year and has been doing so for the past 20 years. As such, he is the horse expertise and teaches the participants all horse handling skills. He also facilitates all the horse exercises. Judy and David intervene with a counselling perspective. There are individual interventions, done more respectfully and privately, and there are group discussions and interventions. Each participant has the right to participate, or not, in any aspect of the workshop. The workshop is held in Cain and Roberta's indoor heated riding arena. The arena keeps us out of the wind and heat in the summer and out of the cold in the winter. There is a heated viewing room that we use to teach parts of the workshop. Each participant is asked to bring their own lunch. There is a fridge and microwave in the viewing room. Snacks, water, tea, and coffee are provided.

Come with an intent or focus of what you want different in your life and we (the horses and us) will help you to get closer to that dream! Number of participants is limited to 10 people.

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Cost: $525.00 plus GST, $100.00 holds your spot with balance due within 30 days of the start of the workshop.
Location: Kendal, Saskatchewan at Quam Performance Horses, in a heated indoor arena.
Register: Roberta 306-424-2034 or Judy 306-545-6121