Psychotherapy Sessions

Judy Wright offers one-on-one psychotherapy sessions utilizing the horse. Personal goals and treatment plans are developed prior to sessions. Judy has found working with horses has assisted many individuals in moving forward in their lives. Lessons with the horse take learnings from a discussion to a participation level.

Session fees: $125.00 per hour

Beginner Riding Lessons/Body & Pattern Awareness

Roberta Quam offers some unique opportunities to facilitate your next level of learning. Roberta will work with you and a horse to help you build more personal awareness. If you are a beginner equestrian and want to take it to the next level, Roberta offers riding lessons with a personal development twist. Riding offers the unique opportunity to tune into what is going on with you in the moment. Roberta's many years of riding and her yoga expertise helps the rider work more effectively with their mind and their body.

Session fees: $125.00 per hour

Master Coaching Lessons

Here is the opportunity to really kick it up a notch. If you are a more experienced rider, then the opportunity is here for you to reach that next level in your riding. Cain Quam has successfully coached competitive riders in all arenas, including cutting, barrel racing, mounted shooting, western pleasure, and dressage. Within a few moments Cain can establish the areas where you need to focus. Work with Cain to establish and achieve your goals.

Session fees: $125.00 per hour

Life Transition

Many of our participants have become enamored with horses; so much so that they have decided to become horse owners.
Cain Quam is an experienced with horse purchasing and offers the service of matching riders with the horse that best suits them according to rider skills and experience.

Need a home for that new horse? Cain and Roberta Quam offer excellent boarding, training, and riding facilities that will make your purchase the dream that you wanted it to be.

Contact Roberta Quam 306-424-2034 to explore these options.